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Who knew cling film is the essential element to shipping boxes of aid,

We have dragged our half height pallets outside into the car park built them to full capacity and set to wrap them in cling film

Wrapping in Clingfilm

We have 6.5 pallets worth of boxes full with some space left and a collection in 2 hours, a donation just in and an emergency last minute underpants purchase.

A trip to the wholesaler, “please can I buy a big box of underpants and socks”, “yes madam what colour” “I don’t care but can you be quick” “they are very good quality madam would you like to feel them” “no thank you, can you hurry up” some very strange looks later we have a big box of pants and socks and the last space filled.

Round and round and round with the cling film the last pallet nearly done and the van is here. The courier is a little confused as to why we want to photograph the event and even more confused as to why we are cheering the arrival of a box of pants.

Loading the pallets onto the van

We have waved off the donations on their journey and hope they make a difference to their new owners in Greece. Time for a sit down and start planning the next project.

The last pallet for shipment of donations to refugees in Lesvos