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Making the trip to deliver your donations is always a pleasure and taking a big van full to the rafters with sleeping bags makes everyone smile. 

Photo from inside the van while emerging onto the Calais Europort Docks.

Our last run to Calais was tinged with sadness, dropping off sleeping bags this time they went straight out for distribution. We were not adding to the warehouse store as we usually do, this time there were no more the cupboard was bare.

I would have loved to have said don’t worry we will be back next week with more but our cupboard is bare as well.

Let’s fill our van again, when it’s full we will be off, let’s make it soon 

Can you do a collection? Message us to arrange collection.

  • Tents, Sleeping bags, tarpaulins, plastic sheets, thick blankets
  • Toiletries
  • Hats, Gloves, Scarves
  • NEW men’s socks and underpants
  • Small men’s clothes, trousers, jumpers and coats
  • Food
  • Any clothing