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arrange a collection for us.


Might you and your friends / family / school/ workplace / community group be interested in collecting items for us?

We collect items for Care4calais ( and Help Refugees ( in Northern France, and regularly make the trip to Calais as soon as we have enough supplies to fill a van.

Their needs lists are here, to give you an idea of their priority items

If you have something in mind that isn’t on either of these lists then please drop us a line before collecting/sending so we can let you know if it would be useful.


Help Refugees:


Here’s some example campaigns people have organised before.

Knicker Campaign

Imagine not having clean pants? Hard to imagine not being able to access such a basic thing isn’t it – but there is no water supply in a lot of the camps so a supply of new underwear is always top of the needs list. People desperately need women’s (all sizes), mens (small and medium) and kids’ pants – they need to be new, and of the ‘modest’ type- no glittery thongs please!

(coming soon)

Hygiene Pack

We always need toiletries, and putting together a toiletry pack like the one in the picture is a great thing to do as a group activity. We need items for both men and women, but mostly men & boys for distribution in France.

Snug Packs

A snug pack, like the one shown in the picture above, is a specific collection of items for an individual – these are taken to Calais and distributed there, so we particularly need items for small/medium boys and men.

Plus seasonal campaigns.


Christmas Advent Box

Reverse Advent: instead of getting a chocolate per day, start with an empty box and every day in the run up to Christmas, pop a useful item into the box.

You can do this individually and bring the box to us or organise a group effort and be a collection point


Summer Packs

Sunscreen, insect repellent, cap/hat, small mens tshirts, etc

(coming soon)

Our most needed

Shelter & Warmth

Tents, Sleeping Bags, Blankets, Tarpaulin, Camping Gear, Tent Pegs, Bivi Bags.


Waterproof Coats, Small Mens Clothing, New Socks, New Underwear, Thermals.


Chickpeas, Dried Pulses, Rice, Tinned Fish & Meat, Protein or High Calorie Bars. 


Shower Gel, Shampoo, Deodrant, Soap, Toothpaste, New Toothbrushes.

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